Bedlam Music Albums for 2014

2013 has been a busy year in the studio.
Mastered  album for Adam Crawford “Quiet sky” an album of gorgeous filmic Piano music.

Mixed and mastered albums for Hydro Electric Commission. (Hip hop).


And the big one, after nearly 5 years work The Uncovered Saga with Big Money Gino. an album of wild hip hop, stories of life and war love and struggle. South Sudan and Tasmania.


Just finished is  “Urban tapestry”  for The Roadhouse Ravens. This community band chose a bunch of originals to record and the result is easily found on you tube: here’s a taste:


There’s also been music for Terrapin.   Kick start Arts and the usual stream of beats for MCs at Pulse Studios.

Not quite finished yet but ready for a coming post are albums for Hugo Bladel and Ian Stolp (indie folk)

That’s an exciting 6 month period of varied music. Have fun checking out the sound cloud links.


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Working in Broome : Burning Daylight

After years of working in Arnhem land with Marrugeku , the pull to work with Broome based company members opened up an exciting opportunity. The first work we made there was Burning Daylight . Full of Noodle Western references, amazing hip hop and mongrel hybrids of string band music and noise rock this was a long and amazing project to work on .

Collaborators included Lorrae Coffin ( bass and guitar) Dazastah (production and raps ) Justin Gray ( Guitar) and Matthew Fargher ( Audio engineer, programming , keys guitar , strings)

Burning daylight Album ART

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Sleeping Horses Lie Excerpts

From a custom made xylophone machine designed by matthew Fargher and Built by Greg Methe a whole world of sound and songs evolved that centered around marimbas xylophones, squeaks croaks and orchestras

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July 24, 2013 · 8:26 am