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25 Musicians from 13 Countries across 3 Continents. Featuring Ma’di Adungu Group, Big Money, Milad Vaezi Persian Band with Saeid Tatality, Ma’di Young Boys, Payday, Lady Bella, Shuang Shuang, Khaled Zerro, Sameer Khan Apoorv Dave with Betsy Hanson and Matthew Fargher and MORE


Across the Borders of language and genre comes the music of Continental Drift. Tradition and innovation has brought together music from the pop stars of Iran, and the master poets of South India, The village music of Sudan with the Dancehall beats of Uganda. 

This all- star group of Tasmanian musicians, who bridge cultures and push boundaries. They bring music from Persia, ASIA, and East AFRICA. Traditional, Lyrical, Pop, Reggaeton and Hip Hop.
Saeed Tatality  Shuang Shuang and Payday

Songs of Hearts beating, broken, breathing , dancing waiting.

A Rap song smuggled out of Iran where Hip Hop is illegal,

Traditional Sudanese harp music gives new life to a Ugandan Love song.

A Duet of understanding and star crossed love between Chinese singer and Oromo( Ethiopia) Rapper.

Hip Hop beat that samples the street guitars of Soweto and fights the stupidity of the new civil war in Sudan.

Vocal Rhythmical virtuosity from the great poetic tradition of South India, telling the epic tale of Krishna and the 5 headed serpent Kaalinga.

Songs of  Love, Loss, War and Hope.

Music to Dance all day to.

First Single from the Album and sneak preview before album launch:

Chi Shoda sneak preview

Saeid in the CrowdBosco and Joseph Madi Adungu_057

Big Money Tribal WarFavad HasanniContinentalDrift_069Betsy, Milad, SaeedShuang Shuang, PaydayContinentalDrift_ MYBContinentalDrift Santhana & Sakthi _001

ContinentalDrift AF ShinContinentalDrift_158


AF Shin
AFShin. (Vocals)

Afghani singer and rapper, from Kerman,Iran, Farsi/ Dari
He came to Australia in 2014, and learned guitar in Iran for 4 years. AF Shin also plays keyboards, and has performed, singing and rapping at many concerts before and since leaving Iran. Now studying legal studies at Rosny College. He has performed at Moonah Taste of the World, Clarence Festival, and community performances around Hobart.

Betsy Hanson

( Guitar/ Vocals, with Saeid Tatality) Local musician/ songwriter singing teacher and Choir director of Nourish Women’s Choir and other Singing Projects in communities and schools. She has supported many of the Iranian and other recently arrived Refugee musicians, as an accompanying musician and mentor.

Big Money

BIG MONEY (Lawrence Gino) (Lyrics / Vocals) Madi/ South Sudan
Came to Australia as a refugee from South Sudan. In Hobart he’s done several projects with Kickstart Arts, beginning with Home Truths, through Power Hip Hop with the TSO and Breaking. He Writes about South Sudan, fighting and racism on the streets of Hobart. He has supported up and coming South Sudanese musicians all the time while developing his own career. Released the album “Uncovered Saga” in 2014.


EDEN the Rapper: (Bilinamungu Mboninyeretse) (Vocals/ Lyrics) Born In Burundi / raised in Tanzania, Kirundi/ English Eden has written a lot of powerful songs since 2013., Stared writing as a way to express himself. He says” Music is important to me because I can say something that otherwise I’d keep to myself. I can Change someones life through my voice”. He recently released his first video Clip “Something in the water” with Tim Chivers.

Favad Hasanni
FAVAD HASSANI (Keyboards/ Vocals)

(Keyboards/ Vocals, With Afshin and Khaled Zerro) Was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. My language is Farsi my grand father and father were both born in Afghanistan. We moved to Iran while I was 2 years old and i lived in Iran for 20 years. I started to play music when i was 16 I used to go to weddings parties and concerts so I have about 10 years experience on a variety of musical instruments

(Vocals/ Lyrics)

Khaled Zerro is a local hip hop and pop musician living for 7 years in Hobart. Khaled and his family immigrated to Australia in 2009 and since then he has been into hip hop and recorded over 20 singles. The long tough journey for Khaled and family through 3 different countries in past 23 years of his life. Khaled was the first rapper from Persia/ Afghanistan in Tasmania in 2010 , but now there are many talented musicians in Hobart that can perform on stages. Khaled recently performed at the Eid Concert in Melbourne featuring for the first time his new hit “Chi Shoda” from this album.

Lady Bella

(Vocals/ Lyrics) Madi I came from Uganda but Originally South Sudan. I have 8 siblings I’ve been here for a decade now. I came to Australia at the age of 14 I am now 24. I started singing and dancing from Church at a very young age then I was in Iran music /ban now then years later joined the M young /Madi Star My mother’s name is Paskalina Eiyo and my Father is Storrs. I was at Hilliard Christian school till 2008 then went to Guilford Young College, finished in 2009 then in 2011 went to University graduated early August 2014 When i was a young girl I dreamed of becoming a singer l love singing with a passion. I have released several tracks produced with MY Boys’ Dr Criminal , Producers in Uganda and with Bedlam Music.

Madi Adungu

(Adungu Harps/ vocals / Percussion) South Sudan, Madi Under the guidance of Cultural leader Joseph Buga, the Madi community has maintained dance, song , drumming and religious cultural activities The Adungu Group has given major public performances on and off since the WORKS festival in 2006 and have performed regularly at MONA.

MYB Hitaman and Rasta JDr Criminal MYBContinentalDrift_ MYB

South Sudan/ Madi. Led by producer Dr Criminal, and featuring the dancing / rapping skills of  Sebit aka Holky Land King, MUSA aka Rasta Jay and UNZI aka HITA Man. These young South Sudanese Tasmanians write searing Reggaeton/Hip hop in a style reminiscent of Dr Jose Cameleone from Uganda, and they make a big impression everywhere they perform. They have recently scored national Tours with Equatorian Big Day Out.

MWASE MAKALANI (Percussion with Madi Adungu) from Malawi, Mwase is a drumming teacher, singer and band member , playing reggae and Afro beat. He was one of the original musicians with Madi Adungu, and rejoins them on this album.

Violin on Ba Eshq To
MATTHEW FARGHER Bedlam Music (Violin/ Guitar/Cavaqinho/Ukulele/Production) Community Producer for 30 years, He has led 300 Voice Choirs, sung for Nelson Mandela, recorded music in river beds in Arnhem Land, sheds in Broome and Churches in Sydney. Matthew has played alongside and recorded musicians from every corner of the planet except perhaps Antarctica and Greenland….

ContinentalDrift Milad Vaezi

(Keyboards/Vocals/ Percussion on Bi Khodafezi with Saeid Tatality) Persia/Farsi. Milad is an experienced musician and sound technician with many years recording and performance experience in Teheran. He has been performing regularly in Hobart since his Tasmanian debut as part of “The Other Journey” 10 Days on The Island. His performances have taken him to Melbourne as well as community events, weddings and concerts in Hobart with Persian Singers Saeid Masoumi and Saeid Tatality.


MOHI MAHYAR (Vocals) Performed at the Continental Drift Concert May 2015 (born 21 Oct,1987), is an Iranian musician, Graduated from Degree Agriculture, experienced writer/ performer, record producer, composer and arranger, noted for self-producing numerous hit songs both in Iran and in Tasmania.

  NR Music Productions NAWEJ RUBEMB (Vocals/ Lyrics/ Production) Congo. Nawej is a producer and writer, with his own studio, and lots of plans to build a career in the music Industry. He has been a mentor and team member of the Pulse Studio production team for 5 years, collaborating with many African rappers and singers.


OBSA ABDULHAKIM AKRAM, (Lyrics /Vocals) He started out performing with his OROMO (Ethiopia) community as a dancer, and now writing increasingly complex and lyrical RnB with collaborators like Eden, and was recently part of Festival of Voices “keep one eye on the stranger”..

ContinentalDrift Saeid Tatality _048

SAEID TATALITY (Vocals) Persia/Farsi and Kurdish From Home town: Kermanshah I have been singing since I was a kid. Now, I study at migrant school since February, I arrived in Australia in August 2013


SAKHTHI RAVITHARAN (vocals and violin) South India. Since the age of four, she has imbibed the rudiments of Carnatic music from her guru, Smt Shobha Sekhar, inheriting her distinguished guru parampara (lineage). She regularly performs at concerts both in Australia and Chennai (South India), and has received numerous awards for her Carnatic vocal performances. She’s currently recording a series of songs in English which she composed based on Carnatic ragas with violinist Sri Embar S. Kannan and bass guitarist Mr Keith Peters.

Santhana Mridangam

(Mridangam) South India /Tamil. Plays regularly with Sakthi and other Hobart Musicians including Brian Richie and Roman Astra. Santhanam has completed his Masters degree at University of Tasmania. He learnt mridangam from legendary Mridanga vidwan Kumbhakonam Sri M. RajappaIyer’s school for more than 10 years.

Sameer Khan

( Vocals/ Harmonium) Pakistan. Sameer young master Qawali singer/harmonium player, recorded several albums in Pakistan , and has been developing a performance repertoire with Apoorv Dave.

Apoorv Dave ragalicious _095
APOORV DAVE (India) (Tabla) is a very talented and vibrant Tabla player/ singer. Together they have played as Raga-Licious with Betsy Hanson, Ben Brinkhoff, Meika Tabart at Cygnet folk festival, MONA and Moonah Taste of the World.

Shuang Shuang Payday

(Vocals/ Lyrics) China/Mandarin Originally from Shenyang Province, She trained In traditional dance and singing style. After 3 years in Australia, she has performed at festivals in Hobart and Moonah. Currently making a film with Kickstart arts for the track “ Let it all go for love”

lady Bella    Milad Vaezi   saeid tatalityBetsy, Lady Bella    Shuang Shuang, Payday  ContinentalDrift_102

Joseph Buga Bass Adungu
ContinentalDrift AF Shin


This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts

We are also supported by Moonah Arts Centre and the Pulse Studios Production Team. Over the space of 2015, this group of Musicians has been working together to create a new hybrid Tasmanian music. Tradition working with innovation, musicians working across cultural boundaries, this is an exciting development in this state. 21 Musicians have recorded an awesome compilation CD, and put together a non-stop energetic and powerful show. All this curated by local music producer, Bedlam Music, AKA Matthew Fargher


 Nawej & Matthew


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