A year of Community Activity

Since November Last year, Hobart has been a town of flourishing culture. I’m not talking about MONA’s winterwarmer, or even the Festival of Voices. On the stages and loungerooms of the suburbs music from Africa ( Sudan,Eritrea,Congo, Burundi), Afghanistan, Iran , Pakistan and India has been flourishing. From Moonah Nights at the Moonah Arts Centre,Pulse (2) Guitar Kitchen PulseMTOW IMAGE00718 Moonah Taste of the WorldDSCF5686 Ice Grills Moonah NightsDSCF5706 Mohi MahyarDSCF5674 Shakthi and Santhanam

sdcardDCIMCameraIMAGE00916 Adungu Band at MONA.

Sky Blue 1 Big Money Gino ” The Uncovered Saga”

All in all some extraordinary Music has landed on our shores, and I’m really excited to be part of that.

Check out these videos for a bit more:

Adungu Group at Moonah Nights

Shewitt Belay at Moonah Nights

Santhanam and Shakthi at Moonah Nights

July 2014


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