Singingbody 2016 at Creative Exchange

Hosted By Kickstart Arts program”Creative Exchange” The Singing Body workshop that took place over the weekend of 29-30 October 2016 celebrated the many ways that voice is used across the globe to create big soft healthy powerful sound. We moved, sang songs and chants from Japan, Russia, Macedonia, America, Italy and South Africa while we found our OWN voice with explorations of range, expressions, resonance and energy. Tasty Sounds Emerged

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The Singing Body

ghost-asusg750s-conflicted-copy-2016-10-20Since the 1990’s when I was teaching for Australian Theatre for Young People, Sidetrack Theatre, and directing world choir Voices From The Vacant Lot, I developed a vocal teaching practice called The Singing Body.

The Singing body draws from the work of some of my teachers:
Yoshi Oida (Peter Brooke Company)
Phillippe Gaulier
Zigmund Molik (Jerzy Grotowski Laboratorium)
Janice Slater ( Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)
Monique Pagneux
Linda Wise (Pan Theatre)
and chance meetings, times of learning with Hukwe Zawose, Sipiwo from the ANC choirs, Gemma Badiola, Laksmi Raman, Won Small Bag Theatre, The musicians of Kunbarllanjnja Western Arnhem land, and many many other musicians and singers from Aotearoa, Russia, Georgia,  USA, Ghana, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Sudan, Iran, Lebanon, India, France and all over Australia.

The central idea of the singing body is that we as a species evolved to communicate, imitate and celebrate using a combination of our vocal and physical expressions. The links between the way we move, the way we breathe, the way we sing, speak , eat and communicate with the world are multiple, ancient and universal.

I was taught a swag  of energy directing exercises from esoteric Buddhism, No Theatre and Shinto, by Yoshi Oida., Phillippe Gaulier showed me the importance of play, Zigmundt Molik – the extension of the voice out of the body by movement. So I’m continuing this exploration of energy, physicality, and play through the individual and group work that I teach.

The physical , energetic and dynamic voice is explored through the lens of a world cultural view. Over the decades, I have tried to gather a broad understanding of the many ways the human being can use voice. We do have the need to communicate, to cajole, to convince, to complain, to contemplate and celebrate in common. But from the herdsmen of Mongolia, to the blues singers of Louisiana, from the polyphony of the Georgian mountains, to the harmonies of the Pacific Islands we as a species have evolved a thousand ways to use our voices. I don’t have a single answer, or technique or style to offer. The Singing Body offers a pathway to explore sound safely and come to a powerful and dynamic ownership of our own voices.

I like to work in groups, because we learn from each other by listening. I like to uncover the particular cultural sounds and expressions that can unlock movement and vocalizations in a group of diverse backgrounds. The Singingbody  work borrows songs from the people I have met along the way of my musical journey. I have met most of them in Australia and feel blessed to have the migrant and refugee friends who have taught me so much.

The first Singbody Workshop in a decade will take place in Hobart on the 29th and 30th of October 2016.


10 am – 4pm both Days

Kickstart Arts Centre  St Johns Park Newtown





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Continental Drift 2015



Music from 3 Continents Collides

Moonah Arts Centre SUNDAY 6th December 2pm

Featuring Ma’di Adungu Group, Big Money, Milad Vaezi Persian Band with Saeid Tatality, Ma’di Young Boys, Khaled Zerro Afshin and Favad Hassani, Lady Bella, Shuang Shuang, Afghan Band and MORE

After a year of concerts and recording, this group of amazing musicians from three continents are ready to rock your world. The producers have bought together this all- star group of Tasmanian musicians, who bridge cultures and push boundaries.  They bring music from Persia, ASIA, and East AFRICA. Traditional, Lyrical, Pop, Reggaeton and Hip Hop.



Lady Bella


Saeid Tatality

Across the Borders of language and genre comes the music of Continental Drift. Tradition and innovation has brought together music from the pop stars of Iran, and the master poets of South India, The village music of Sudan with the dancehall beats of Uganda.


Milad Vaezi


Madi Adungu


Matthew and Nawej Record


with Khaled Zerro


Shuang Shuang and Payday


Madi Adungu

Over the space of 2015, this group of Musicians has been working together to create a new hybrid Tasmanian music. Tradition working with innovation, musicians working across cultural boundaries, this is an exciting development in this state. 25 Musicians have recorded an awesome compilation CD of 25 Songs, and  put together a non-stop  energetic and powerful  show.


DJ Nawej Lady Bella




Lady Bella


Mohi Mahyar

Hita man Hits The Mic

Hita man MYB



Sameer Khan Fixer

Sameer Khan Fixer


Lagu Joseph Madi Adungu


Big Money Family man Gino


Violin With Mohi, DJ Nawej on the Decks


Santana Vaidhyanathan


Sakthi records the epic Poem Kaalinga


Payday and Shuang Shuang Duet

Songs of Hearts beating, broken, breathing , dancing waiting.

A Rap song smuggled out of Iran where Hip Hop is illegal,

Traditional Sudanese harp music gives new life to a Ugandan Love song.

A Duet of understanding and star crossed love between Chinese singer and Oromo (Ethiopia) Rapper.

Hip Hop beat that samples the street  guitars of Soweto and fights the stupidity of the new civil war in Sudan.

Vocal Rhythmical virtuosity from the great poetic tradition of South India, telling the epic tale of Krishna and the 5 headed serpent Kaalinga.

Songs of Loss, Love, War and Hope.

Music to Dance all day to.

For More detailed Info click Here:

ContinentalDrift Payday _011


ContinentalDrift Santhana & Sakthi _001

Santhana and Sakthi

ContinentalDrift Dr Criminal MYB 067

Dr Criminal May at the MAC

ContinentalDrift saeid in the Crowd_149

Saeid stirs up the Crowd

ContinentalDrift Hitaman and Rasta J MYB_137

Rasta Jay and Hita man MYB

ContinentalDrift Big Money_127

Big Money May at the MAC         Tribal War

 If you believe Refugees are welcome on our shores, If you believe in the future of live music, If you love to meet new cultures and if you love to Listen , This Music will be available on CD and Live from December 6th 2015

ContinentalDrift Big Money _120

Big Money

ContinentalDrift Favad _111


ContinentalDrift Ahsan ragalicious_096

Sameer Khan             Raga- licious

ContinentalDrift Dave Apoorv ragalicious _095

Apoorv Dave        Raga-liciousContinentalDrift lady bella _077 Lady BellaContinentalDrift Mousa MYB _069Rasta J ContinentalDrift Bosco and Joseph Madi Adungu_057 Adungu bandContinentalDrift Shuang Shaung Zhang_015Shuang Shuang

Continental Drift is a project assisted by the State Government through Arts Tasmania.   We are also supported by Moonah Arts Centre and the Pulse Studios Production Team.

Sneak Preview of some of the performances


Santhana and Sakthi

Mohi Mahyar

Betsy Hanson

Saeid Tatality

Shuang Shuang Zhang


Big Money

Ahsan and Dav’e Ragalicious

MYB and Lady Bella

Madi Young Boys

Madi Adungu

Favad and AF Shin

Milad Vaezi Persian Band.

Support these musicians by listening, liking and sharing.

Videos at

Continental Drift Tour Dates

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Cut The sky

Cut the sky JoshDungkabah

Cut the Sky was a couple of years hard work for Marrugeku, and not the least for the amazing musicians who helped me bring the sound track together,

Including Future soul Diva Ngaire, Tasmania’s own Don Bate, and a bunch of very talented players, Konrad Parks, Andry Sculthorpe, Kartanya Maynard, Kelly Ottaway, Ruth Langford. All working with fantasticc material from Nick Cave, Buffalo Springfield and Sergio Mendes,  Some of the album tracks are here:

and a short 3 minute teaser of the dance is here:

If you want to see or hear more you’ll have to email me at

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Theatre, Film, Animation, Sound design and Music Video

Bedlam Music Tasmania has just launched a new face book page:

A great place to stay up with the latest work , events and creations from Matthew Fargher,  and while you’re at it:

Film and Animation Composition and sound design playlist Check out here:

Theatre and Dance  Composition Show reel /playlist you’ll find here:

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Continental Drift

Continetal Drift Poster V3 DSCF5706 DSCF5674 Continental Drift

This year more than 20 amazing musicians from Persia, South Sudan, Pakistan , South India, China, Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Tanzania will be working with Matthew to create new concerts and new Music.

Hybrids of tradition and culture.

Connecting 3 continents through Ragas and Reggaeton, High Life and Hip Hop, Chinese and Persian pop songs, Village songs from Uganda and South Sudan and grooves from the Congo.

The first concert took place in the rain at Benjefield Park

The First Continental Drift concert at Moonah Arts Centre will take place on 22nd March 2015

Bedlam Music Tasmania Tour Dates

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A year of Community Activity

Since November Last year, Hobart has been a town of flourishing culture. I’m not talking about MONA’s winterwarmer, or even the Festival of Voices. On the stages and loungerooms of the suburbs music from Africa ( Sudan,Eritrea,Congo, Burundi), Afghanistan, Iran , Pakistan and India has been flourishing. From Moonah Nights at the Moonah Arts Centre,Pulse (2) Guitar Kitchen PulseMTOW IMAGE00718 Moonah Taste of the WorldDSCF5686 Ice Grills Moonah NightsDSCF5706 Mohi MahyarDSCF5674 Shakthi and Santhanam

sdcardDCIMCameraIMAGE00916 Adungu Band at MONA.

Sky Blue 1 Big Money Gino ” The Uncovered Saga”

All in all some extraordinary Music has landed on our shores, and I’m really excited to be part of that.

Check out these videos for a bit more:

Adungu Group at Moonah Nights

Shewitt Belay at Moonah Nights

Santhanam and Shakthi at Moonah Nights

July 2014

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